Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Work and its spinoffs

Well, I have finally "entered society", and am now contributing to Singapore's Economy as a legal slave. Yes, enduring through the "rigorous" education system to find myself checking in at 9 and being happy if I could leave before 9.

And the whole concept of time as I know it alters irrevokably.

For starters, "leisure" as I know it on a weekday is now severely undercutted. Channel surfing just now I inadvertedly told myself to stop watching mindless taiwanese variety shows and ridiculous reality shows, for it takes time away from spending time with my loved ones (yea, if I do see them), my own personal pursuits and r.e.s.t. This, this, that, that, this, this, that that. I have found myself too old to start playing the piano again, too tired to go for Kendo training, too busy for painting on canvas.

And I wonder, with tennis, tabla, and Business Japanese lessons on the cards but with no resources (I am not referring to the monetary) to partake, I raise my white flag and iron my white shirt and black pants to wear to court tomorrow.

Such is a life, either we sleep less (or for me, sleep on the train) or we do less. I am too distracted. Too distracted.