Monday, August 28, 2006


WOMAD 2006: World Of Music And Dance

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Fort Canning Park

What I have always enjoyed about WOMAD is the casual atmosphere... Heineken beer on the lawn grooving to music from all over the world

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This year, performances from Jamaica, South Africa, China, Aboriginal Australian.. tribal, drums, flutes, guitars, jazz, blues, raggae... nice!

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With the Australian Exchange Students. Ah. I will give anything to go on exchange again. It was a sunday night but I met up with Kareen and her Ang mor friend, Alex and his friend, and Joan who just came back from London! Imagine what saturday night would have been

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Palawan, Sentosa

Bloomberg Summer Party 2006!

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Dearie Trish and I went for her company's summer party, where they blocked out half of Palawan beach. Before I went, let me say I had no idea what to expect... but on arrival, seeing open air massage, fake tattoo parlours, free flow diner & buffet styled food and a all-u-can-drink bar lets just say I was bowled over. Now you know what the corporate people do for themselves

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Kick started the day with some trampolining. Lets just say this isn't your typical backyard trampoline. Flip, flip flip!

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Dancing the night away on the sands of Palawan. Quote of the night: "Where did you learn to dance you heathen girl?"

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Me & Trish

Friday, August 25, 2006


Because last-lap will be a predominantly literary exercise reflecting the fact that the writer does in fact, possess some semblance of a brain, pictures will be available at Singapore SWINGS!. Basically because I am still reeling from the hangover of my Japan exchange, the blog will be an exhibition on how I can, as a resident of this country, still have fun as if I am still an exchange student. wooha!


Why do I feel the need to start a new blog?

Firstly, the time of exhibitionism in [lifetransplanted] should, ought, and will come to an end. Secondly, choosing not to return to the old blog will enable me to leave all my baggage behind, because my whole notion of life and what it should be has been radically altered since the Japan stint, i see it fit to start anew on a new template and on fresh ground.

So, what has Jared been up to since he returned to the embrace of the Merlion? Well, too many to encapsulate here in the first post, I shall allow it to unfold over the course of my blog writings. In essence, it is akin to telling him "you have one last year to do everything you want/need/have to do before you are swallowed up into the corporate world. Ready, steady, go!"

And hence, lies the justification of everything that is going to happen in this year. In essence, everything can be boiled down to reveal the basic elements, including my precepts and principles. Indeed, this is the final lap. Don't stop, just run!